About Company

Successfulmindz.com Founded on 28th of September 2015 . Successful Minds Training Pvt. Ltd. is set to become world’s largest learning community. Our vision is to help people transfer abilities globally our platform breaks every barriers for learning it keeps everybody on top of their knowledge.

We want to make learning an important part of your life, our team is young energetic and driven to make a difference and solve Learning problems.

We provide a platform where learning is prioritized and becomes a part of day to day life which will enable all of us with great knowledge and success. We connect the like-minded people, We connect people from same education background and profession,We connect students to teachers/trainers/institutes.


Why World needs us?

We live in a world where everybody has an ID to make friends, everybody has an ID for their profession, and everybody has an ID to follow people to follow celebrities.

Do you have an ID to learn or to share your knowledge? Which should be very important which will make real difference in your life.

Everybody wants to be successful in life but most of us don’t know how? In order to be successful you only need two things only two things nothing more Knowledge and efforts.

Successfulmindz.com provides the world’s best platform to gain knowledge, to learn new things in your field either in the community or by posting a learning requirement and getting to learn from the best teachers/trainers from across the world within their budget.

Its time you remove that biggest excuses you always had when it comes to learning, excuse of money problems, Time Problems from your mindz.

What we do?

We help you learn, hire and work.

Ever imagined having all the people from across the world with the same profession as yours on one platform, discussing the problems and getting solutions how easy life would be.

Successfulmindz.com makes it possible, now start discussions or participate in discussion where you expertise or you want to learn, Make Learning buddies get advice or post a learning requirement and get trained.

Ever had a problem where you need your work done and never found the right and talented person to do that work for you?

Successfulmindz.com make it possible, Any work or project that you have which needs to be done just post your project and get talented people from across the world to get that work done.

We have always checked what movies or entertainment shows are running in our city Have we ever checked what learning events are running in our city?

Successfulmindz.com will now connect you with all the learning events, seminars, webinars and workshop’s running in your city.

“Sometimes lot of entertainment is boring, let’s also learn something new”

Associate Members

Trainers/Teachers/experts/professionals/freelancers/institutes/coaching centre’s/employers are called as our associate members.

Come get associated with us and share your hard earned and god gifted abilities with the world, we help you showcase your skills and increase your customer base and fan following.