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We are set to become the world’s largest learning community a one stop shop for all learning requirements from Algebra – Zoology, and also any projects from training projects to web development to finance anything from A-Z.

You might be a freelancer, trainer, Teacher, expert or institute/coaching center we help you increase your customer base and increase your earnings, we help you connect with the world of learners, we help you showcase yourself as a freelancer, trainer, Teacher, expert or institute/coaching center to the world no matter where ever you are in the world. Sign up now and get some amazing results.

How it works?

Our community which is set to become the world’s largest learning community which has student’s individuals and employer’s across the world. Who have an option to anytime post a learning requirement or post a project of anything they want to learn or work they want to get done.

Once they post any learning requirement or a project the same project is updated in the learning and project market each requirement will have a set no of success points cost to it.

Once an associate member creates his profile updates all his information and his preferences like what subject they specialize in or what is there profession and what kind of students they need or under what category they need projects are they open to work for international clients for their learning and project needs, which city are they from and is there training or work online or they go to learners place or they have a place where learner can visit and much more, once you answer all this questions based on this we will show all the learning requirements and projects, Every premium/gold or corporate Associate member will have an Check learning/Check project market link in there profile once they click that they can see all the available requirements and projects posted from the community or a visitor from across the world.

Every learning requirement can be bought by 5 people max across the world after which the learning requirement will be shown as sold.

Every project posted can be bought by 5 people max from each country after which the Project will be shown as sold.

As soon as you buy a learning requirement or a project requirement your profile and all your contact details will be sent to the customer and all his contact details will be sent to you.

Payment Terms

Every Associate Member will first need to become a premium member or a gold member or a corporate member every membership has a set one-time Membership fee which is Valid for 6months the facility and access you get for each package are shown in the template below.

Note – Please change the currency to your home currency to see how much exact amount will be deducted. Or else u can go ahead n pay using INR your bank or the payment gateway will automatically convert the currency on the current exchange rates.

Once enjoying your benefits in your membership package which is shown below an associate member has to recharge his account with success points to buy more leads available in the lead market.

Note – A membership fee is a one-time fee which will only give u some benefits if you want to buy leads you will have to recharge your account without recharging you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of the membership package.

Every learning requirement and every project requirement comes with a set cost of Success points which is also known as spoints which might be in different currency based on where the requirement is coming from.

You can buy spoints from your profile by clicking on option buy spoints, you can choose from different packages we have for you.

Note – you can buy spoints in your home currency however when you’re buying a requirement the spoints value will be in your home currency or international currency based on the place where the requirement is coming from.

Example 1 – John from USA posts a learning requirement that he wants to learn java he is from New York and his budget is $50 and he is open to learn online from an international or a local trainer.

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