How it Works

If you are an Individual or a company you can join the world’s largest learning community by registering on for free, as a you do on any social networking website .

What can you do with this profile?

Once you have a learning profile you can add learning buddy as your friends you can start a discussion regarding your subject or your questions.

Once you start a discussion based on your subject or topic everybody in the world who has the same subject as yours as their interest will be able to view your discussion and comment their view, ideas or knowledge which will help you learn from across the world.


Post a Learning Requirement

At any time you think you need any training or need to learn something from a professional and you have a set budget all you have to do is post a learning requirement and we will connect you to 3 trainers and you can choose the best and someone who fits your budget and start learning in your preferred way on a mutual understanding with your trainer.

You also have the option to learn from international trainers across the world online and you can also lean from any institute/coaching center in your city.

Post a Project

You have any project we mean anything from Web development to finance to construction anything your looking to outsource which you are looking to finish and need somebody to work for then you’re in the right place just go ahead and post your project and we will connect you to free lancers who would love to work on your project select the best one and get started.


Check what are the upcoming events like seminars, webinars, and workshop coming in your city from which you can gain great knowledge and start attending. You can also follow your schools and colleges or your teachers and mentors.